The Leaves Are Falling


The leaves began to fall this week. I saw them outside my kitchen window and stopped. It’s hot outside, and it’s hard to believe autumn will ever come. But this season will come to an end: The leaves are falling.

When I’m in the thick of a season, I begin to believe it will never end. But God is more constant than I can understand, he doesn’t let a season last forever. Continue reading

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“Just” Is a Four-Letter Word

We were at my son’s baseball game. And while a new pitcher warmed up on the mound, the umpire walked over to get his water from the chain-link fence separating us. He saw one of the dads’ Music City marathon/half marathon shirts and asked him if he’d run the marathon.

“Just the half,” the dad answered.

The ump’s unashamed response was a splash of cool water in my face: Continue reading

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Faith can move mountains.
It doesn’t always.

Do I not see third-world miracles in my first world
Because I don’t believe they happen here?
I pray unbelieving,
knowing he will do what he will do.
Lazy praying.

But this time I prayed expecting the mountains to move. Continue reading

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He drank the cup filled with God’s wrath.
He drank it utterly dry
to the very last drop.

Yet I continue to come back to this ancient chalice,
heavy gold,
etched with scenes of battle, bloodshed, deceit, bitterness, gall, gnashing teeth of anger,
those scenes now covered by the blood of Jesus. Continue reading

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