Mantle of Mom

Three paragraphs. This fall I had the opportunity to write for a parenting magazine. They asked me to write three paragraphs about the challenges of being a stay-at-home mom. More specifically, they wanted me to speak on how I balance being a mother and not getting lost in that identity. I could have written on this topic for three days, but I offered my three paragraphs:


My greatest struggle in being a stay-at-home mom is grasping and holding onto the fact that my true identity is daughter: God has adopted me, through the blood of Jesus, as his daughter, and He says He delights in me, not in my performance, or lack thereof, as a mother. My default is to find my self-worth in the successes or shortcomings of my children or of myself as a mom, especially because mothering is my job. But God loves me, not because of what I do or don’t do, He loves me because of who I am—His child. And He, the Creator of all we see, decided to make me a mother to three specific children, but that is not all He made me.

It often feels impossible not to lose my identity in the chaos of being mom. But God has given us all gifts, and I’m slowly learning that it’s not selfish but glorifying to Him to pursue those gifts, even when they fall outside my role as mother. I can never take off the mantle of mom, nor do I want to, but I can be a mother and also discover and pursue the opportunities God gives me to be me.

When I step out of my stay-at-home-mom role and take the time to discover and use the gifts God has given me, it reminds me that mothering is not all there is to me. Then I can walk back into being mom refreshed, remembering that how I mother is not a reflection of how I’m loved.

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6 Responses to Mantle of Mom

  1. Emily Huff says:

    What I love about this is that your three paragraphs apply to ANY place we are and any season of life. Whether it is being at home and parenting our kids or juggling a number of other roles and seasons of life, this truth applies. Thank you for boiling it down to what is most important in our identity as daughters of our King… XOXO to you today!

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  2. Diane says:

    This is beautiful Kimberly. It is so easy to get lost in mothering. To put our precious children before the one Who created them and placed them in our lives. What a joy they are. But He has called us to use the other gifts He has given us, all for His Glory!

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  3. Carina says:

    So very true- as a mom we try to do it all. Every single role- driver, cook, cleaner, referee 😉…. And do it all with patience and love. And your writing is a great reminder that yes- God chose us to do this job to these specific little beings. And He loves us on days when we feel we aren’t doing the greatest. He also gave us other wonderful gifts to share with others – thank you for sharing your beautiful gift Kimberly💗

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  4. Such good reminders—thank you, Aunt Diane!! I need constant reminding that God is creator, especially when I don’t know how to parent one of the kids in a certain season or all of them in any season:)—remembering that he created them and he knows. Thank you for these words today! For his glory. Love you!


  5. Thank you for your beautiful words and encouragement, Carina! 


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