Great Things

I was listening to this song by Stacy Lantz as I cleaned off groceries this morning:

The words, brought out of Psalm 126, struck me today, and I hope they bring encouragement to you too:

“The Lord has done great things for us . . .”

He’s been faithful to his people in the past, and he’s faithful to us, even in this very season now. I need to be reminded. I need to be pressed into singing “Hallelujah! God we sing even in our suffering. . . . For your love has set us free.”

He has done great things for us, he is doing great things for us, and he will continue to do great things for us because he is faithful and he loves us with an everlasting love.

List them. List the great things the Lord has done for you, as hard as it might be today. Just begin. One step at a time. He’s in your midst. Maybe start with: He saved me gladly.

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I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to thank for inviting me to write for the Philippians reading plan today about the Lord’s gracious reminders that we can rejoice in the him always.

In my favorite TED talk, Sarah Kay, the spoken-word poet, said, “I write poems to figure things out.” And I realized that’s why I write too–to figure things out.

If I wrote about things I’d figured out, had down pat, I’d never write. It’s a privilege to work with editors who make me think and search God’s word to find truth, to figure out what he says about the many things I don’t have figured out.

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Jesus Came to Save Us

Praying in this Advent season for reminders that Jesus came to save us and pursues us still

I got to write about that here:


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Our God Reigns

I was grateful to get to write for She Reads Truth‘s 1 & 2 Kings’ Reading Plan: Our God Reigns.

Day 16:


Day 11:

Praying you’d be encouraged and grown in God’s word,


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“Worship Through Prayer” for She Reads Truth

Worship Through Prayer is a devotion I got to work on as part of the She Reads Truth In Spirit & in Truth: A Study of Biblical Worship reading plan.


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“Worship Through Obedience” for

Sometimes writing feels like an impossible puzzle to me. There are times the pieces come together, and there are times I push and push and can’t connect them all. This article was one of those puzzle battles, but the She Reads Truth editors took the pieces anyway:

Worship Through Obedience

It’s good to have people come alongside you.

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I was honored to write a devotion for

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Can You Say “No” in Ministry?

This article is my attempt at tackling a question I’ve been wrestling with over the last few years. Many of you have walked with me in the wrestling. Thank you! I hope these words encourage you today.





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You Can Rest Now

Thank you to The Gospel Coalition and Melissa Kruger for helping me think out loud about rest in this article


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The Lord is your keeper;
the Lord is your shade on your right hand. . . .
The Lord will keep
your going out and your coming in
from this time forth and forevermore.
–Psalm 121:5,8

My mind goes out and comes in,
addressing past grievances against me,
perceived or maybe real.

But the Lord is my keeper,
I’m not an apt keeper.

My Lord, please keep these grievances—
they cage me when I keep them—
Keep them for me.
You are judge, I am not.

Keep them,
free me from them.
Let me cease going out and coming in from them
and rest in your shade,
the shade of one who loves me
and doesn’t hold grievances against me.

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