Great Things

I was listening to this song by Stacy Lantz as I cleaned off groceries this morning:

The words, brought out of Psalm 126, struck me today, and I hope they bring encouragement to you too:

“The Lord has done great things for us . . .”

He’s been faithful to his people in the past, and he’s faithful to us, even in this very season now. I need to be reminded. I need to be pressed into singing “Hallelujah! God we sing even in our suffering. . . . For your love has set us free.”

He has done great things for us, he is doing great things for us, and he will continue to do great things for us because he is faithful and he loves us with an everlasting love.

List them. List the great things the Lord has done for you, as hard as it might be today. Just begin. One step at a time. He’s in your midst. Maybe start with: He saved me gladly.

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1 Response to Great Things

  1. Charlotte Latham says:

    “I heard you calling and started to sing.” That is a beautiful and encouraging line in this hymn. Thank you, Kimberly.


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