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Arms Outstretched

Whatever anxieties, fears, unknowns you may be staring down today, I pray these words might reach you and remind you that God is a good father who says many patient times, “Do not fear.”

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I generally think of God’s guidance as a clear path I can deliberately follow, but that night, his guidance looked like a wrong turn. Continue reading

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When “Just” Is a Four-Letter Word

My college roommate and dear friend, Bethany Jenkins, among many other talents, writes and edits for The Gospel Coalition.  She and I reworked a smaller piece of mine into something a little more, and they published it today! I hope you … Continue reading

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O Come Emmanuel

I want all stories and conversations and relationships to be wrapped up by a beautiful Lexus Christmas bow. I also like things to close on a perfect note, like Jane Austen’s stories. But there are only Lexus bows at Christmastime … Continue reading

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Heavy Pink Hope

I am here, having settled children in school. Where have these women been before here? Most are a decade or two older than me, a few younger. Their husbands and mine waiting stoic. “I’ll see you,” one says; he waits, … Continue reading

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Two summers ago I went to Santiago, Chile, with my husband, who travels to speak about his work. We have chopsticks from China, bowls from Africa, books on Brasilian architecture. We scout out trips for me to join him on, ones with few social events … Continue reading

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I just realized I feel hollow inside today. I’ve been nursing a mild depression this summer: I’m mourning the loss of a friend’s child, I’m mourning the loss of my dream that things would always be easy for my children.

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The Leaves Are Falling

The leaves began to fall this week. I saw them outside my kitchen window and stopped. It’s hot outside, and it’s hard to believe autumn will ever come. But this season will come to an end: The leaves are falling. … Continue reading

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“Just” Is a Four-Letter Word

We were at my son’s baseball game. And while a new pitcher warmed up on the mound, the umpire walked over to get his water from the chain-link fence separating us. He saw one of the dads’ Music City marathon/half … Continue reading

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Faith can move mountains. It doesn’t always. Do I not see third-world miracles in my first world Because I don’t believe they happen here? I pray unbelieving, knowing he will do what he will do. Lazy praying. But this time … Continue reading

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