Nothing works today—

Nothing works today—
The vacuum,
The bus,
The heat.

Nothing is complete—
The laundry,
The lists,
The house.

When nothing works the way I want,
When I cut it to the bone,
It feels like you’re out to get me, God.

But you,
You meet me there:

Yes, I’m out to get you,
My treasure.
Your heart, I’m after your heart
That’s hell-bent on your plans,
I want it bent on me.

Your plans and hopes for today are too small.
Mine are big.
Mine are better
For you.

Let loose your desires to me,
I’ll hold them fast.

Like balloons,
Dreams held down too long

But give me your dreams,
Release your clenched fists,
And watch them escape
From you
Into me.

Yes, things break here.
Yes, they’re incomplete.

But one day,
You’ll see
All things work
For good,
All things complete.

Trust me.
I have good for you
Even today.

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4 Responses to Nothing works today—

  1. Carina says:

    I love this today Kimberly….I have felt ” these days” for the past few weeks! Such a wonderful reminder that He does have a plan…the plan for each of us. Thank you….

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  2. Suzanne Williams says:

    Oh Kimberly, this is beautiful and right and so true and just what I needed to hear! And I passed it along to a friend who is desiring these things right now too and needs to be reminded of these truths that you so beautifully remind us of!

    MISS YOU!!!!

    Thanks, Suzanne YoungLife Southern Division Capernaum Coordinator 615.818.6405


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  3. Emily Huff says:

    I saved this to read as a treat when I finished planning my class for tomorrow. This is beautiful Kimberly!

    I am sending this to my sweet mama who is feeling the stress of taking care of my dad now and feels so crunched on time.

    Bless you for sharing your gift of words- Emily

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  4. Diane Packer says:

    I love this Kimberly!! Thank you for reminder that God is everpresent in our lives, well aware of what’s before us.

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